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BLUE PRINT Arm Bushes TOYOTA,LEXUS ADBP800254 4806812300SK2,4806842051SK2,4806842060SK2 4806847050SK2,4806912300SK2,4806942051SK2,4806942060SK2


Thickness [mm]: 60; Inner Diameter [mm]: 16; Outer Diameter [mm]: 75; Material: Elastomer; Fitting Position: Rear, Lower, Front Axle Left, Front Axle Right; Weight [kg]: 0,370; TecDoc Engine Number: 24601; VIN: JT*, XW7; TOYOTA: AURIS (NRE15_, ZZE15_, ADE15_, ZRE15_, NDE15_),AVENSIS Station Wagon (ZRT27, ADT27),RAV 4 III (ACA3_, ACE_, ALA3_, GSA3_, ZSA3_),AURIS (NZE18_, ZRE18_),RAV 4 IV (ZSA4_, ALA4_),Auris Kombi (_E18_),PRIUS (ZVW3_),PRIUS PLUS (ZVW4_),AVENSIS Stufenheck (ZRT27, ADT27),COROLLA Stufenheck (E15_),Corolla Limousine (_E18_, ZRE1_),Prius Plus (ZVW4),Mirai (JPD10),Corolla Rumion (_E15_); LEXUS: CT (ZWA10_),NX (ZGZ1_, AGZ1_, AYZ1_),HS 250h; 4806812300SK2, 4806842051SK2, 4806842060SK2, 4806847050SK2, 4806912300SK2, 4806942051SK2, 4806942060SK2, 4806947050SK2, 4806802130, 4806802130SK2, 4806805080, 4806805080SK2, 480680F030, 480680F030SK2, 4806812300, 4806812300SK2, 4806842050, 4806842050SK2, 4806842060, 4806842060SK2, 4806847050, 4806847050SK2, 4806902130, 4806902130SK2, 4806905080, 4806905080SK2, 480690F030, 480690F030SK2, 4806912300, 4806912300SK2, 4806942050, 4806942050SK2, 4806947050, 4806947050SK2, 4865502060, 4865502060SK2, 4865512210; Suspension Bushes,Wishbone Bushes,Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush


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