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BLUE PRINT Brake pad set VW,AUDI ADBP420024 4K0698151,4K0698151C,4K0698151S 4KE698151D,4KE698151F,4KE698151H,4KE698151J,4M0698151AA,4M0698151AJ


Length [mm]: 194; Width [mm]: 74; Test Mark: ECE R90 Approved; Fitting Position: Front Axle; Thickness 1 [mm]: 16; Wear Warning Contact: prepared for wear indicator; Weight [kg]: 2,812; TecDoc Engine Number: 32027, 35329, 35894, 35895, 45714; for brake disc diameter [mm]: 350, 375; for PR number: 1LA, 1LI, 1LJ, 1LK, 1LL, 1LM, 1LN, 1LN/1LK, 1LP, 1LS, 1LX, 1LY, 1LZ, 1ZA, 1ZC, 1ZD, 1ZK, 1ZL, 1ZT, 1ZU, 1ZY; VW: Touareg (CR7); AUDI: A4 B9 Avant (8W5, 8WD),Q7 (4MB),A4 B9 Limousine (8W2, 8WC),A5 Sportback (F5A),Q5 (FYB),A6 Avant (4A5, C8),A5 Coupe (F53),A4 Allroad (8WH, B9),A6 Limousine (4A2, C8),A7 Sportback (4KA),Q8 (4MN),A5 Cabrio (F57),A8 (4N2, 4N8),Q7 (4M),A6 C8 Allroad (4AH),Q5 SUV Sportback (80A); 4K0698151, 4K0698151C, 4K0698151S, 4KE698151D, 4KE698151F, 4KE698151H, 4KE698151J, 4M0698151AA, 4M0698151AJ, 4M0698151AM, 4M0698151AN, 4M0698151AP, 4M0698151BD, 4M0698151BH, 4M0698151BJ, 4M0698151BK, 4M0698151H, 4M0698151T, 8W0698151AN, 8W0698151BJ, 8W0698151N, 8W0698151R, 4M0698151AM, 4M0698151AP, 4M0698151BD, 4M0698151BH, 4M0698151BJ, 4M0698151H, 4M0698151T; Brake pads,Brake pad set, disc brake,Disk pads,Brake pad kit,Brake pads & brake pad set,Disc brake pad set


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