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BLUE PRINT Clutch FIAT,PEUGEOT,CITROËN ADBP300087 2050P9,2050P9S2,2050Q7 Clutch Kit 2050Q7S2,2050R4,2050R4S2,2050R7,2050R7S2,2051E7,2051E7S2,2051F2


Outer Diameter [mm]: 201; Number of Teeth: 18; Multi-piece: three-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with synthetic grease; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info Info 2: with clutch release bearing, with clutch slave cylinder; Weight [kg]: 3,954; Observe service information: ; for RPO number from: 10018, 10647; for RPO number up to: 10583, 10734, 11873; Left-/right-hand drive vehicles: for left-hand drive vehicles, for right-hand drive vehicles; Transmission ID: MA; FIAT: QUBO (225),FIORINO Kasten/Kombi (225),Fiorino MPV (225); PEUGEOT: 206 Schrägheck (2A/C),206 CC (2D),307 (3A/C),307 CC (3B),307 SW (3H),206 SW (2E/K),307 Break (3E),1007 (KM_),BIPPER (AA_),BIPPER Tepee,206 Stufenheck; CITROËN: C3 I Schrägheck (FC_, FN_),C2 Schrägheck (JM),C4 I (LC_),C4 Coupe (LA_),NEMO Kasten (AA_),NEMO Kombi,C4 Stufenheck L; 2050P9, 2050P9S2, 2050Q7, 2050Q7S2, 2050R4, 2050R4S2, 2050R7, 2050R7S2, 2051E7, 2051E7S2, 2051F2, 2051F2S2, 2052X2, 2052X2S2, 218216, 218216S1, 1611266180, 1611266180S1, 9467597280, 9467597280S1, 2050Q7, 2050Q7S2, 2050R7, 2050R7S2, 2052X2, 2052X2S2, 218216, 218216S1; Clutch Kit


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