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BLUE PRINT Clutch FORD ADBP300019 1232791S8,1232811S8,1352798 Clutch Kit 1352798S1,1355873,1355873S1,1363710,1363710S1,1376338,1376338S1,1376339


Outer Diameter [mm]: 240; Number of Teeth: 23; Multi-piece: four-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with central slave cylinder, with synthetic grease, with dual-mass flywheel; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info Info 2: with bolts/screws, with flywheel; Weight [kg]: 16,266; Observe service information: ; Transmission Type: 6-Speed Manual Transmission; FORD: MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7),S-MAX (WA6),GALAXY (WA6),MONDEO IV (BA7),MONDEO IV Stufenheck (BA7); 1232791S8, 1232811S8, 1352798, 1352798S1, 1355873, 1355873S1, 1363710, 1363710S1, 1376338, 1376338S1, 1376339, 1376339S1, 1383695, 1383695S1, 1383696, 1383696S1, 1383963, 1383963S1, 1405590S8, 1405849, 1405849S1, 1405850, 1405850S1, 1430430, 1430430S1, 1430431, 1430431S1, 1447105, 1447105S1, 1447107, 1447107S1, 1456069, 1456069S1, 1456071, 1456071S1, 1458254, 1458254S1, 1472110S8, 1480013, 1480013S1, 1506751, 1506751S1, 1536110, 1536110S1, 1677272, 1677272S2, 1819390S9, 1827889S10, 3M516477LBS1, 3M516477LCS1, 3M516477LDS1, 3M517A564EAS8, 3S717A564ABS9, 3S717A564ACS9, 3S717A564ADS9, 3S717A564AES9, 3S717A564AFS9, 3S717A564AGS9, 3S717A564BBS9, 3S717A564BCS9, 6G916477BAS1, 6G916477BBS1, 6G916477EBS1, 6G916477ECS1, 6G916477FAS1, 6G917540D1CS1, 6G917540D1DS1, 6G917540D1ES1, 6G917540D1FS1, 6G917540D1GS1, 6G917540D1HS1; Clutch Kit


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