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BLUE PRINT Clutch FORD ADBP300070 1376498,1376498S1,1432309 Clutch Kit 1432309S1,1480083,1480083S4,1674914,1674914S4,1710480,1710480S1,3C117A564AA


Outer Diameter [mm]: 241; Number of Teeth: 23; Multi-piece: three-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with central slave cylinder, with synthetic grease; Weight [kg]: 5,712; Clutch: Replacement for self-adjusting clutch pressure plate; Observe service information: ; FORD: TRANSIT MK-7 Kasten,TRANSIT MK-7 Bus,TRANSIT MK-7 Pritsche/Fahrgestell; 1376498, 1376498S1, 1432309, 1432309S1, 1480083, 1480083S4, 1674914, 1674914S4, 1710480, 1710480S1, 3C117A564AA, 3C117A564AAS4, 3C117A564AB, 3C117A564ABS4, 3C117A564AC, 3C117A564ACS4, 3C117A564AD, 3C117A564ADS4, 4411103, 4411103S4, 4502327, 4502327S4, 6C117540BB, 6C117540BBS1, 6C117540BC, 6C117540BCS1, 6C117540BD, 6C117540BDS1, 3C117A564AAS4, 3C117A564ABS4, 3C117A564ACS4, 3C117A564ADS4, 6C117540BBS1, 6C117540BCS1, 6C117540BDS1; Clutch Kit


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