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BLUE PRINT Clutch FORD ADBP300085 1212061S10,1338340,1338340S1 Clutch Kit 1423909,1423909S1,1474323S10,1503738,1514143S10,1547820S10,1548409,1548409S3


Outer Diameter [mm]: 220; Number of Teeth: 17; Multi-piece: three-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with central slave cylinder, with synthetic grease; Weight [kg]: 5,186; Observe service information: ; TecDoc Engine Number: 23543; Transmission Type: 5-Speed Manual Transmission; Transmission ID: B5/IB5; FORD: Fiesta Mk6 Schrägheck (JA8, JR8),Fiesta Mk5 Schrägheck (JH1, JD1, JH3, JD3),FUSION (JU_),Fiesta Mk6 Kastenwagen,Fiesta Mk5 Kastenwagen; 1212061S10, 1338340, 1338340S1, 1423909, 1423909S1, 1474323S10, 1503738, 1514143S10, 1547820S10, 1548409, 1548409S3, 1830995S10, 1837710S10, 5278677, 5278677S1, 2S617A564CAS10, 2S617A564CBS10, 5S617540CAS1, 7G917A564ACS3, 8V217A564ABS10, 8V217A564ACS10, 8V217A564ADS10, AV617A564ACS10, BM557A564ABS1; Clutch Kit


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