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BLUE PRINT Clutch FORD ADBP300126 1713793,1713793S1,1731737 Clutch Kit 1731737S2,1749121,1749121S3,1889306,1889306S2,1932320,1932320S1,2239490


Outer Diameter [mm]: 307; Number of Teeth: 23; Multi-piece: four-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with synthetic grease, with central slave cylinder, with dual-mass flywheel; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info Info 2: with flywheel, with bolts/screws; Weight [kg]: 25,379; Observe service information: ; TecDoc Engine Number: 21067, 24463, 26450, 26451, 26467, 26469; Construction year from: 09/2011; Transmission Type: 6-Speed Manual Transmission; Transmission ID: MT82; FORD: TRANSIT MK-7 Kasten,TRANSIT MK-7 Bus,TRANSIT MK-7 Pritsche/Fahrgestell,TRANSIT TOURNEO FB; 1713793, 1713793S1, 1731737, 1731737S2, 1749121, 1749121S3, 1889306, 1889306S2, 1932320, 1932320S1, 2239490, 2239490S1, AC166379AAS1, BK316477BES1, BK316477BFS1, BK317540ABS2, CC117A564BBS3, EB3G7540AAS2; Clutch Kit


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