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BLUE PRINT Clutch MERCEDES-BENZ ADBP300044 0002541608,0002541608S6,0002542508 Clutch Kit 0002542508S6,0002544208,0002544208S6,0002545208,0002545208S6


Outer Diameter [mm]: 240; Number of Teeth: 26; Multi-piece: three-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with central slave cylinder, with synthetic grease; Weight [kg]: 6,306; Clutch: Replacement for self-adjusting clutch pressure plate; Observe service information: ; TecDoc Engine Number: 20984; MERCEDES-BENZ: VIANO (W639),VITO Bus (W639),VITO / MIXTO Kasten (W639); 0002541608, 0002541608S6, 0002542508, 0002542508S6, 0002544208, 0002544208S6, 0002545208, 0002545208S6, 0182505101, 0182505101S1, 0192508701, 0192508701S1, 0212501101, 0212501101S1, 0212501201, 0212501201S1, 0212503305, 0212503305S1, 0212523205, 0212523205S1, 0252508201, 0252508201S1, 0252508301, 0252508301S1, A0002541608, A0002541608S6, A0002542508, A0002542508S6, A0002544208, A0002544208S6, A0002545208, A0002545208S6, A0182505101, A0182505101S1, A0192508701, A0192508701S1, A0212501101, A0212501101S1, A0212501201, A0212501201S1, A0212503305, A0212503305S1, A0212523205, A0212523205S1, A0252508201, A0252508201S1, A0252508301, A0252508301S1; Clutch Kit


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