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BLUE PRINT Clutch MITSUBISHI,SMART ADBP300146 2960A042S3,MN900942S3,MN900944S3 Clutch Kit MN901010,MN901010S1,MN901011,MN901011S1,MN903364,MN903364S1


Outer Diameter [mm]: 201; Number of Teeth: 17; Multi-piece: three-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with synthetic grease; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info Info 2: with release fork, with guide sleeve; Weight [kg]: 4,380; Observe service information: ; MITSUBISHI: COLT VI (Z3_A, Z2_A); SMART: FORFOUR (454); 2960A042S3, MN900942S3, MN900944S3, MN901010, MN901010S1, MN901011, MN901011S1, MN903364, MN903364S1, MN903365, MN903365S1, 0012527105, 0012527105S1, 1352500104, 1352500104S1, 1352500303, 1352500303S1, 1352500403, 1352500403S1, 4512500004, 4512500004S1, 4512520028, 4512520028S1, 4542500301, 4542500301S1, 4542500601, 4542500601S1, 4542540008, 4542540008S1, 4542540108, 4542540108S1, A0012527105, A0012527105S1, A1352500104, A1352500104S1, A1352500303, A1352500303S1, A1352500403, A1352500403S1, A4512500004, A4512500004S1, A4512520028, A4512520028S1, A4542500301, A4542500301S1, A4542500601, A4542500601S1, A4542540008, A4542540008S1, A4542540108, A4542540108S1; Clutch Kit


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