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BLUE PRINT Clutch VW ADBP300040 02A141165A,02A141165AS5,02A141165BS7 Clutch Kit 02A141165D,02A141165DS5,02A141165E,02A141165ES5,02A141165G,03C141015H


Outer Diameter [mm]: 229; Number of Teeth: 28; Multi-piece: three-piece; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info: with synthetic grease; Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info Info 2: with clutch release bearing; Weight [kg]: 5,458; Observe service information: ; TecDoc Engine Number: 20606, 20792, 26574, 29249; Construction year to: 07/2013; Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from: 1K-7-000 001, 1K-9-900 001, 3C-C-700 001; Transmission Type: 6-Speed Manual Transmission; Transmission ID: MQ 250; VW: Golf V Schrägheck (1K1),TOURAN (1T1, 1T2),GOLF VI (5K1),GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521),TOURAN (1T3),Golf VI Variant (AJ5),Passat Limousine (3C2),SCIROCCO (137, 138),Passat CC (357),Eos (1F7, 1F8),CADDY IV Kombi (SAB, SAJ),CC (358),Passat Limousine (362),Jetta Mk5 (1K),Jetta IV (162, 163, AV3, AV2),CADDY IV Kasten (SAA, SAH),Golf VI Cabrio (517),Beetle Schrägheck (5C1, 5C2),Beetle Cabrio (5C7, 5C8),CADDY ALLTRACK Kombi (SAB),CADDY ALLTRACK Kasten (SAA); 02A141165A, 02A141165AS5, 02A141165BS7, 02A141165D, 02A141165DS5, 02A141165E, 02A141165ES5, 02A141165G, 02A141165GS5, 02A141165MS8, 03C141015H, 03C141015HS1, 03C141015J, 03C141015JS1, 03C141015P, 03C141015PS1, 04E141016K, 04E141016KS1, 2A141165BS7, 2A141165MS8; Clutch Kit


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