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BLUE PRINT Release Fork, clutch OPEL,PEUGEOT,CITROËN ADP153319 211765,9808513380,9646456280 9808513380,9808513388,9646456280,9808513380,9808513388


Weight [kg]: 0,368; TecDoc Engine Number: 17507, 24935, 25633, 26795, 28620, 29706, 29779, 31482, 34980; OPEL: Movano C Pritsche / Fahrgestell (U9),Movano C Kastenwagen (U9); PEUGEOT: BOXER Kasten,307 (3A/C),307 CC (3B),308 SW I (4E_, 4H_),508 SW I (8E_),308 I Schrägheck (4A_, 4C_),407 SW (6E_),5008 (0U_, 0E_),807 (E),3008 (0U_),407 (6D_),307 Break (3E),3008 SUV (M_),508 I (8D_) Limousine,EXPERT Kasten (VF3A_, VF3U_, VF3X_),308 CC (4B_),RCZ Coupe,BOXER Pritsche/Fahrgestell,607 (9D, 9U),BOXER Bus,Expert Tepee (VF3X_),5008 II,Expert Kastenwagen (V_),Traveller (V_),407 Coupe (6C_),Rifter MPV,508 I SW Kasten / Kombi (8E_),308 SW I Kasten / Kombi (4E_),Partner III Kastenwagen (K9),508 II SW (FE_, F4_),307 SW Kasten/Kombi (3E_, 3H_),Expert III Bus (V),3008 SUV,508 II (FB_, F3_),407 SW Kasten / Kombi (6E_),3008 (T8),EXPERT Pritsche/Fahrgestell; CITROËN: JUMPER Kasten,C5 III Kombi (RW_),C4 Picasso I (UD_),C4 Grand Picasso I (UA_),C4 I (LC_),C4 II (B7),C8 (EA_, EB_),C4 Grand Picasso II,C5 III (RD_),C4 Picasso II,JUMPY Kasten,JUMPER Pritsche/Fahrgestell,Jumpy MPV (VF7),C4 Coupe (LA_),C5 II Break (RE_),C5 II (RC_),Spacetourer (V_),DS4,Jumpy Kastenwagen (V_),Berlingo (K9),DS5,C5 Aircross,Berlingo Kastenwagen (K9),C4 Stufenheck L,C4 Stufenheck N,Jumpy MPV (V_),JUMPY Pritsche/Fahrgestell,C4 Spacetourer (3D_),C5 Kasten/Kombi (DE_, RE_),C4 I Kasten / Schrägheck (LR_),C4 Spacetourer Kasten / Kombi (3D_); VAUXHALL: Movano Mk3 (C) Pritsche / Fahrgestell (U9),Movano Mk3 (C) Kastenwagen (U9); 211765, 9808513380, 9646456280, 9808513380, 9808513388, 9646456280, 9808513380, 9808513388, 3648964, 9808513380, 211765, 9808513380, 9808513380


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