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BLUE PRINT Timing belt kit HYUNDAI,KIA,MITSUBISHI ADBP730053 MD300473S1,MD310484S1,2335642500 2335642500S1,2335642500,2335642500S1,MD300473,MD300473S1


Width [mm]: 19; Number of Teeth: 99; Surface: Coated; Weight [kg]: 0,49; for OE number: 23356-42500 S1; TecDoc Engine Number: 2294, 30760; Construction year from: 11/1993; HYUNDAI: TERRACAN (HP),GALLOPER II (JK-01),H-1 Kastenwagen (A1),H-1 / Starex MPV (A1),H100 Bus (P),H100 Kasten,PORTER Pritsche/Fahrgestell,H100 Pritsche/Fahrgestell,H-1 Pritsche/Fahrgestell,H100 Pick-up,Porter Bus,Grace Bus,PORTER Pick-up,PORTER Kasten; KIA: PREGIO Kasten (TB),K2500 (SD),PREGIO Bus,BONGO Pritsche/Fahrgestell,Bongo III Bus; MITSUBISHI: PAJERO III (V7_W, V6_W),L 200 (K7_T, K6_T),L 200 / Triton Pickup (KA_T, KB_T),PAJERO II (V3_W, V2_W, V4_W),L 300 III Bus (P0_W, P1_W, P2_W),Pajero Sport I SUV (K7_, K9_),PAJERO CLASSIC (V2_W),GALLOPER (JK-01),L 300 / Delica II Pritsche / Fahrgestell (L03_P),L 200 / Triton Pritsche / Fahrgestell (KA_T, KB_T),L 400 Bus (PD_W, PC_W, PA_V, PB_V, PA_W),Pajero III SUV Cabrio (V6_W, V7_W),L 200 (K3_T, K2_T, K1_T, K0_T),L 300 III Kastenwagen (P0_V, P1_V, P_2V),PAJERO SPORT II (KH_, KG_),PAJERO II Canvas Top (V2_W, V4_W),L 400 Kasten (PD_W, PC_W, PB_V, PA_W, PA_V),Delica / Space Gear MPV,L 200 Pritsche/Fahrgestell (K3_T, K0_T, K1_T, K2_T),L 300 III Pritsche / Fahrgestell (P1_T ); MD300473S1, MD310484S1, 2335642500, 2335642500S1, 2335642500, 2335642500S1, MD300473, MD300473S1, MD310484, MD310484S1; Timing belt set,Cam belt kit,Timing belt pulley set,Timing belt pulley kit,Cambelt kit


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